Our company is based in rural Alaska, our employees live in rural Alaska and we only work on projects in rural Alaska.....RURAL ALASKA IS OUR BUSINESS AND OUR ONLY BUSINESS.


Rural Alaska is one of the most challenging locations on earth to develop projects and see them through to completion.  Weather, logistics, Cultural differences and high costs to construct are just some of the obstacles. 
We specialize in a tax credit financing program called New Markets Tax Credits that was specifically created to fund projects in low income areas, like much of rural Alaska.  

If a project in rural Alaska needs additional funding to complete construction and/or for working capital, Rural Development Group will work on qualifiying it for the New Markets Tax Credit Program. 
Whether you are the developer of a project in rural Alaska looking at qualifying for New Markets Tax Credits or a New Markets Tax Credit allocatee looking for projects in rural Alaska, Rural Development Group looks forward to working with you on overcoming your projects obstacles and qualifying it for the New Markets Tax Credit Program.


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Maniilaq Health Center's new nursing wing Kotzebue AK
Maniilaq Association worked with Rural Development Group
on the first ever NMTC targeted population deal in Alaska.
  Assisted Living Facility Galena AK
Rural Development Group secured tax credit financing
for the Yukon Koyukuk Elder Assisted Living Facility
for working capital so it could become operational.